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Frequently Asked Questions

Online food ordering allows customers to order food through a restaurant's own website or mobile app, or through a multi- restaurant's website or app. The customer can then choose to have the food delivered or picked up.

1. Your customer places a food order on your website, app or Facebook page.
2. The order is instantly pushed to your smartphone, tablet or Epos where you can review it and accept it.
3. You decide the pickup/delivery time and your answer is pushed right away, which makes the entire process short and effective.
4. You start cooking and can come back to the order anytime to see past or any pending orders.

There is no joining fee. How much you pay depends on what package you choose and any extra services you require. If you would like a quote, please fill in your details on the ‘become a partner’ page and we’ll get back to you.

No, you won’t need to have your FSA food hygiene rating, but it is favourable as your customers will be more satisfied.

Providing we have all your details and documents (contact details, address, proof of ownership, menu) we aim to launch your business within 2-3 working days.

No, you won’t be tied into any fixed contract with us or have any commitments towards us. You can leave whenever you like, the choice is up to you.

Every pound that you spend on TiffinTom when ordering, you gain 1 point. Once you obtain 20 points, you are eligible to redeem your points for a percentage off your meal. The maximum percentage you can get off your meal is 10%. 100 points = 10% off your meal.

If you have gained more than 100 points, then you will be able to receive a maximum of 10% off your next order. The remaining balance will be used towards the next 100 points.

Your points will stay on your account for 6 months from your first order. After that time, they will be wiped and return to 0.

If you did not receive your meal, please contact the restaurant first and check whether the delivery of your meal is delayed. If you cannot resolve the problem with the restaurant for any reason, please contact us by either emailing us at admin@tiffintom.com (please include your name, order number & order amount). You can also message us on live chat or Facebook messenger. We will do our best to find a resolution and reimburse you if you do not receive your meal.

Yes, we do our best to keep your data as secure as possible. We do not store any of your personal information, including your card details. All your personal data is encrypted, and we make sure that a high level of security is incorporated into our systems.