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Major Curry Affair
Unit 3, Ashfield House, Fisher St, Dudley Port, Tipton DY4 8XE, United Kingdom
Indian, Bangladeshi, Halal, Vegeterian
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Del.Time : 60 Mins
Pickup.Time : 30 Mins
Del. Fee: Free
JayneWooldridge 16-06-2024
GlenClarke 06-06-2024
GlenClarke 06-06-2024
Very good
KellyMorris 20-05-2024
RhiannonHarris 04-05-2024
Beautiful as always
RhiannonHarris 15-03-2024
MarkDelahaye 03-03-2024
SueNott 01-03-2024
Having been there for a sit down a couple of years ago. 1st time take away…. Prompt and polite delivery service. The food was delicious. Found our new curry house. Definitely be ordering again…
NoelkoO'Sullivan 11-02-2024
PeterFrancis 09-02-2024
NoelkoO'Sullivan 08-02-2024
RhiannonHarris 03-02-2024
RhiannonHarris 13-01-2024
Paul Tudor 07-10-2023
Food was beauitiful, well presented perfect temperaure and total quality.
CallamArnold 08-07-2023
CallamArnold 23-04-2023
StaceyDay 22-04-2023
Amazing food as always. Staff always friendly and helpful
MikeSandifer 08-04-2023
One of the best takeaways we have had.
KellyMorris 31-03-2023
Tracy Southall 31-03-2023
Hot fabulous food with quick delivery
CallamArnold 15-01-2023
CallamArnold 26-12-2022
PaulCross 09-12-2022
Unfortunately part of our order was missing. This was not noticed until later as my daughter was out when the food was delivered so had her food later. Very disappointed to find bits missing. Due to having no voice currently I was unable to call to advise.
VictoriaTaylor 21-11-2022
AnnJohnson 15-10-2022
Absolutely delicious, couldn't fault it. Many thanks. x
AndyFerguson 09-10-2022
Excellent as usual
Abs Flint Flint 06-09-2022
Always good
Abs Flint Flint 06-09-2022
Lovely food
Abs Flint Flint 06-09-2022
Wonderful food always
Abs Flint Flint 06-09-2022
Perfect ❤️
PaulBaker 13-08-2022
Very bland and keema nan had no keema in or on it . Very disappointing
CarrieAshmore 18-05-2022
Very nice food
Richard MerrettRichard Merrett 22-04-2022
Not been funny but phone call after order to say be an extra £1.50 for extra Garlic and mushrooms in the curry. Ok, fair enough but I don't believe that there was any extra garlic and the mushroom must have been one single mushroom finely chopped . whilst I don't object to paying extra but 75p for one mushroom is a joke and 75p for no extra garlic, come on
DanielleSouthall 15-04-2022
Fabulous as always
chrisfayle 27-03-2022
Great meal, as always
PaulQuinn 14-01-2022
DanielleSouthall 22-10-2021
Absolutely delicious :) our favourite curry place!
DanielleSouthall 23-07-2021
Always perfect food. On time and very fresh! My favourite takeaway!
DanielleSouthall 26-06-2021
Absolutley beautiful food as always
AnthonyAldridge 07-05-2021
MarkDelahaye 10-04-2021
Took a little while to be delivered but well worth the wait...fabulous authentic dishes. Thanks MCA!!
TonyFisher 02-03-2021
Tasty, but you didn’t read the comments/instructions box. We were told over the phone to request the time if required and our curries to be spicier using the comments box. We know this didn’t happen as they tried to deliver our food half an hour before our requested time when we weren’t home and it just wasn’t spicy. If a comments box is there for information about allergies etc (that was what we were told over the phone) please read it. Food tasty, but not how we wanted it.
Rachel Price 15-02-2021
bang on... Best curry I have had in ages. defo num one on my takeaway list now. just sorry I've never tried here before now
pollyButler 17-01-2021
excellent as always! thank you so much
LisaMainwood 31-12-2020
StevenJones 26-12-2020
pollyButler 29-11-2020
amazing! the delivery was quick and our was hot and tasted excellent!!
JayneWooldridge 28-11-2020
benfurnival 21-11-2020
JamieHill 14-11-2020
Normally good food from here but yesterday the lamb tikka balti was inedible, rancid ended up in the bin.
Nicholas Brookes 30-10-2020
Loverly food n quick delivery
Abs Flint Flint 03-10-2020
Fantastic food always
MartynWhittall 27-09-2020
Good food pity we got the wrong starter, ordered tikka got Sheri kebab
DanielleSouthall 07-06-2020
Absolutely delicious once again! Thankyou!
Mark hayward 06-06-2020
ianturley 16-05-2020
PaulHawhorn 08-05-2020
Excellent service and food as usual, best restaurant by far..
PaulTeague 17-04-2020
excellent as always
RoseMorgan 03-04-2020
The best
janeJenkins 28-03-2020
Beautiful food
mikeriley 21-02-2020
Anita Pickett 16-02-2020
waited 1.5 hours for our food phoned 4 times to be told its on its way twice, sorry i wont be ordering again
Harjinder RyeHarjinder Rye 02-12-2019
very nice fresh warm food was delivered on time highly recommended
craigtipping 23-11-2019
Great food as usual. Thanks
Abs Flint Flint 02-11-2019
AngThompson 31-10-2019
AngThompson 18-10-2019
Jayne williamsJayne williams 21-09-2019
mikeriley 07-09-2019
stephaniegreen 25-08-2019
ReanneHoll 12-08-2019
aaronrowley 10-08-2019
mikeriley 02-08-2019
PaulTeague 19-07-2019
GillWilliams 28-06-2019
PaulTeague 15-06-2019
Excellent service again
PaulTeague 15-06-2019
Excellent as usual
PaulTeague 15-06-2019
JaneHatton 14-05-2019
mikeriley 26-04-2019
JaneHatton 26-04-2019
it's awesome
Best food
It was beautiful! Once I started eating it I realised that my naan bread was missing but was to late to ring up because the food would of been cold but overall so beautiful
RebeccaDowner 23-01-2019


Highly Recommended

(90 Reviews)

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