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Britannia Spice
18-19 The Parade, Parkgate, Neston CH64 6SA, United Kingdom
Indian, Bangladeshi
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Del.Time : 45 Mins
Pickup.Time : 30 Mins
Del. Fee: £ 1.00
PhilSullivan 05-07-2024
PaulLeaver 29-06-2024
quick amd efficient service
gary jones 22-06-2024
top as always
gary jones 27-05-2024
brilliant service
gary jones 04-05-2024
gary jones 15-04-2024
gary jones 30-03-2024
AndyBostock 24-03-2024
bloody lovely food
Kate Jellicoe 23-03-2024
Jessica wilcock 22-03-2024
James BrownJames Brown 12-03-2024
wolszowywolszowy 18-02-2024
Walter Cotton 17-02-2024
Wonderful quality and value. Delivery to time requested. Thank you.
gary jones 17-02-2024
Walter Cotton 17-02-2024
JackHughes 10-02-2024
NickMacCarthy 28-01-2024
Food was good - but not very hot. I had chosen 2100 for delivery and this changed to 2115 on the app when the restsurant confirmed our order.Actual delivery was 2145 - so this probably explains why the food had become colder? Late delivery isnt an uncommon occurence with this restaurant. I actually gave up on delivery with my previous order which was close on an hour overdue - so I went and collected it myself! I think this problem needs to be addressed by the restaurant otherwise they run the risk of losing a good customer.
James BrownJames Brown 17-01-2024
DaveMotley 16-01-2024
fantastic food eating in or takeout.highly recommend.
louisejones 13-01-2024
Iancoan 29-12-2023
RachelMccabe 26-12-2023
JonSharp 10-12-2023
Always good quality food and delivered quickly
JonSharp 02-12-2023
Anna HigginsAnna Higgins 30-11-2023
Anna HigginsAnna Higgins 30-11-2023
SimonMacRae 15-11-2023
LauraCalvert 06-11-2023
Our food was amazing as always! It was delivered really quickly, It never disappoints. Also have to say, the delivery driver (Didn't catch his name) is the lovliest person! Always makes time for a little bit of a chat ????
AimeeBarnes 04-11-2023
PeterCarter 27-10-2023
Great as always
M L 21-10-2023
SimonMacRae 13-10-2023
SueGibson 12-10-2023
Britannia Spice never disappoints, delicious food and prompt delivery.
Beverley HeywardBeverley Heyward 29-09-2023
Stephtaylor 23-09-2023
Stephtaylor 23-09-2023
Made lockdown 100% better with this incredible food!
Stephtaylor 23-09-2023
Best indian in the north west!
Stephtaylor 23-09-2023
Outstanding, phenomenal, incredible!
Stephtaylor 23-09-2023
Birthday meal! was the highlight of my day! Couldnt get better than this food!
Stephtaylor 23-09-2023
Cannot beat this Indian! Outstanding food and delivery service!
Stephtaylor 23-09-2023
As always absolutely phenemonal food
Stephtaylor 23-09-2023
Absolutely delicious, the best food around!
DaveMotley 18-09-2023
Iancoan 16-09-2023
KenGrant 15-09-2023
Another great meal ftom Britannia spice. Delivered well ahead of estimated time. Great tasting food. Would definitely recommend Britannia Spice.
gary jones 02-09-2023
excellent as ever
melissa Kirby 28-08-2023
Ordered my usual lamb pathia however was very disappointed. The pathia was lacking in flavour with no spice at all. Quite unlike my usual experience at Britannia.
melissa Kirby 28-08-2023
melissa Kirby 28-08-2023
melissa Kirby 28-08-2023
GrahamGibson 27-08-2023
Sophie O’Brien 25-08-2023
Sophie O’Brien 25-08-2023
ThomasRigby 20-07-2023
Great food and quick delivery
SimonMacRae 17-07-2023
EmmaEdwards 07-07-2023
StuartDunn 20-06-2023
PhilSullivan 17-06-2023
gary jones 20-05-2023
PhilOwen 17-05-2023
Super tasty as always!
DonButton 15-05-2023
gary jones 13-05-2023
PhilSullivan 07-05-2023
robgreaves 29-04-2023
MartCoan 18-04-2023
James BrownJames Brown 10-04-2023
cherylross 01-04-2023
NickMacCarthy 26-02-2023
Food was ok but not hot - possibly related to its srriving 45 minutes late. Restaurant need to set realistic delivery windows rsther than offer a delivery time they cannot fulfill at busy times.
Elspeth Moodie 25-02-2023
Tracey BRYAN 14-01-2023
disappointing meal tonight once meal put out a large volume of water on plates .have the same meal each week just wasn't the same tonight a shame as we had looked forward to our takeaway treat
Richard Tarbuck 13-01-2023
gary jones 06-01-2023
always top
TimADAMS 10-12-2022
Always excellence
TimLaverick 26-11-2022
1st time I have used the online ordering and it all worked well. Food was excellent. Will be using again soon.
Robin Harris 24-11-2022
Kyle Crone 02-11-2022
EmilyO'Connor 24-09-2022
Unfortunately my whole meal was cold and the poppadoms were stale. I had ordered a few hours before I requested delivery and it was as if it was made up when I had ordered it and left on the side until delivery. Was looking forward to this treat and I'm completely and utterly disappointed and won't be ordering again for a while.
EmmaEdwards 16-08-2022
gary jones 05-08-2022
JimRumble 16-07-2022
James LLewellynBrown 03-07-2022
JimRumble 19-06-2022
kirstyO'Connor 10-06-2022
kirstyO'Connor 09-06-2022
Kate Jellicoe 03-06-2022
Excellent food as always
Samtest 11-05-2022
BreannaClary 04-05-2022
BreannaClary 15-04-2022
BreannaClary 27-02-2022
Darren Waude 26-02-2022
1st class as always
SimonMacRae 21-02-2022
SimonMacRae 20-10-2021
Great food as always
RogerStaines 23-09-2021
Another wonderful meal, thanks. Can't imagine why you'd go anywhere else (unless you wanted a Chinese or fish 'n chips, of course)
SimonMacRae 31-08-2021
SimonMacRae 31-08-2021
SimonMacRae 31-08-2021
SimonMacRae 31-08-2021
CiaronBursby 15-08-2021
KenGrant 14-08-2021
Bit of a mix up with our order tonight but after a phone call to advise them it was quickky sorted and a replacement was sent out very quickly. Our meal was delicious as usual. Leaving a 5 star review as the food was great and the issue was sorted immediately.
KenGrant 26-06-2021
Another great meal ftom Britannia Spice. Delivered speedily.
ChloeReynolds 25-06-2021
The best!
ChloeReynolds 25-06-2021
Everything was amazing! Absolute 10/10!
KenGrant 14-06-2021
Another excellent meal from Britannia Spice. Delivered within 20 minutes of ordering.
dawnbooth 16-05-2021
Fab as always
IanChalmers 15-05-2021
Excellent as always, I get King prawn jalfrez, tried everywhere else but doesn't compare to britania spice. Good job on your new Web site, meal arrived on time and piping hot, also got 2 poppadoms free, give them ago you won't be disappointed...
dawnbooth 09-05-2021
Always fabulous
Rebecca herring 09-05-2021
Rebecca herring 09-05-2021
Always great.
Rebecca herring 09-05-2021
NeilAckerley 04-05-2021
Never disappointed - make Britannia your first choice every time! ????????
RoyLewis 25-04-2021
Great Food.
JustinLang 24-04-2021
Another great meal, and excellent delivery!
AllenRoochove 18-04-2021
Another really lovely meal, promptly delivered spot on time - it was delicious, many thanks ????
Alex Crooks 17-04-2021
Fabulously tasty as always
KenGrant 11-04-2021
Another great meal from Britannia Spice. Always tasty and great value.
Kieron Chapman 28-03-2021
Spot on as always.
RoyLewis 27-03-2021
garyLindley 13-03-2021
Excellent as usuall
ConnorAbanades 06-03-2021
Great food
MikeBignell 25-02-2021
RoyLewis 20-02-2021
SteveWilliams 19-02-2021
NigelFavager 06-02-2021
CarolReddy 29-01-2021
First class food & service thanks
CarolReddy 29-01-2021
Great service yummy good
CarolReddy 29-01-2021
LindseyCraig 23-01-2021
KathMcLaughlin 21-01-2021
joshuasutton 19-01-2021
amazing food as always!
Isabel Joffe 17-01-2021
MartinPulford 17-01-2021
Adam MitchellMitchell 15-01-2021
brian brizell 08-01-2021
great food excellent delivery as always
garyLindley 06-01-2021
Excellent meals and great value
NigelFavager 01-01-2021
Amazing ❤️????❤️????
SamZamal 31-12-2020
kirstyO'Connor 30-12-2020
David JonesDavid Jones 22-12-2020
mattpulford 11-12-2020
CiaronBursby 08-12-2020
Not as good as normal. The chicken dish had very like chicken compaired to normal. The chana masala was also very dry.
Mary Hornsey 05-12-2020
GeorginaNolan 30-11-2020
GeorginaNolan 30-11-2020
GeorginaNolan 30-11-2020
royrotheram 28-11-2020
RolandHayward 21-11-2020
Very tasty
RolandHayward 21-11-2020
Very good
RolandHayward 21-11-2020
elliemorris 21-11-2020
AllenRoochove 16-11-2020
Once again a really excellent meal, many, many thanks - First Class!!!
HeatherBlythyn 15-11-2020
fantastic as always
Alastair eilbeck 13-11-2020
gordonmorris 13-11-2020
SophieOBrien 09-11-2020
Cannot fault this place
SophieOBrien 09-11-2020
Food was fantastic.
SophieOBrien 09-11-2020
Delicious and fantastic service. Never been let down!
Iain Buist 09-11-2020
Another great meal, and delivered by the main man. Thanks Sam
elliemorris 07-11-2020
Jo CRISPIN 07-11-2020
Fabulous as always
DavePover 07-11-2020
Christopher Cowell 06-11-2020
absolutely outstanding, never had a bad meal and the service is great, all the staff are amazing ????
Christopher Cowell 03-11-2020
brian brizell 03-11-2020
excellent food great service as usual
Christopher Cowell 03-10-2020
GeorginaNolan 20-09-2020
mattpulford 20-09-2020
JanRoe 05-09-2020
amazing lamb biryani
LorraineEdwards 24-08-2020
mattpulford 23-08-2020
DavidCarter 18-08-2020
DavidCarter 18-08-2020
Alexander Mcdowall 16-08-2020
PhillipMoodie 14-08-2020
NigelHancock 10-08-2020
Cathryn Manners 08-08-2020
DorigenSykes 26-07-2020
juliestone 16-07-2020
Wonderful and exceptional dishes.
juliestone 16-07-2020
juliestone 16-07-2020
Wonderful food and service. Excellent quality.
juliestone 16-07-2020
Fantastic! Delicious
juliestone 16-07-2020
Once again can it fault the service and quality of food. They even catered for our specific requests.
AlynParry 27-06-2020
AlynParry 27-06-2020
GrahamSeagrave 26-06-2020
DavePover 21-06-2020
Iain Buist 20-06-2020
Fantastic food as always
KenGrant 19-06-2020
Another excellent meal - thank you
GarethJones 19-06-2020
KatieRobson 14-06-2020
VictoriaBrown 13-06-2020
Amazing food as always!
AllenRoochove 12-06-2020
Yet again, another delicious meal - many thanks ????
Iain Buist 11-06-2020
CherylRoss 10-06-2020
excellent service as always
MartinPulford 06-06-2020
DavePover 06-06-2020
JoannaJones 06-06-2020
can't use this app if you want to collect
MollieNew 23-05-2020
MarilynTait 22-05-2020
KatieRobson 17-05-2020
VictoriaBrown 14-05-2020
Amazing customer service and food fab as always!
VictoriaBrown 14-05-2020
Food amazing and arrived early!
GaryIrlam 14-05-2020
Great food and delivered early ????????
Lukewilson 08-05-2020
royrotheram 28-04-2020
AllenRoochove 26-04-2020
Lovely food at great prices ????
sarahgruffydd 25-04-2020
JeanWainwright. 25-04-2020
absolutely amazing food thankyou so much
IanFewtrell 22-04-2020
AllenRoochove 19-04-2020
Great food delivered directly to my door, highly recommended
Robert DavisDavis 07-04-2020
NigelFavager 30-03-2020
Fantastic Meal,Gorgeous!!
michalsimpson 28-02-2020
MeganJones 14-02-2020
HelenWynne 06-12-2019
HelenWynne 19-11-2019
MalcolmFrazer Cox 16-11-2019
Richard Millington 02-11-2019
JustinLang 25-10-2019
Garyjones 18-10-2019
HelenWynne 16-10-2019
HelenWynne 05-10-2019
MalcolmFrazer Cox 28-09-2019
BobEvans 31-08-2019
Garyjones 19-04-2019
Garyjones 26-01-2019


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